At Silver Brook Properties, we are committed to finding high value projects that provide enormous returns to our investors.

Investment Process



We have operated exclusively in Houston, Texas, since 2015, and we have extensive broker relationships and extensive marketing through our daily calls and seller outreach that delivers us a steady supply of viable apartment properties. After careful analysis & due diligence, we close on the property using a combination of our funds & investor funds. Our investor partners enjoy strong annualized returns, and their investment is collateralized by the real estate.


After we close, our teams get to work repositioning the property. Depending on what our analysis calls for, we may be replacing roofs, renovating interiors, or turning around apartment communities.


During the time we own the property, our investor partners enjoy monthly or quarterly distributions, without having to know anything about real estate or do any work whatsoever.


When the project concludes, we sell or refinance the property and return the investor’s capital plus any additional gains. Repeat as many times as possible to continue gaining passive wealth.