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At Silver Brook Properties, we seek to create better real estate solutions for our investors and the community we live and work in. We are passionate about enriching the lives of everyone of our employees and also our neighbors by constantly finding ways to add value and innovate.

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Our investment strategy is to seek the best assets that hold the largest opportunities to improve on management and value, delivering in rent growth year over year that will result in cash out refinance events and high quality returns. At the same time, these results yield positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors and residents.

Meet Joey Barnhill


Joey holds a double major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Finance from Texas A&M University as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Rice University with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Finance. Joey enjoys hiking and traveling with his wife in his free time, as well as giving back by volunteering in the community.


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We want to provide you with an unprecedented investment experience, where you can get a look behind the curtain at our daily operations.

Reach out and send us a message or get in touch with our investor relations team. Either way, when you invest with Silver Brook Properties, we give the time and attention you deserve.


When you invest with Silver Brook Properties, we put our hard earned money right alongside yours. As both the owner and operator of your investment, we go above and beyond to bring you the best possible returns.

We handpick the best talent to ensure that each investment is run by the award-winning Silver Brook Properties team. They’re the best in our industry, and that is our commitment to our investors and partners.


At Silver Brook Properties, we are committed to finding high value projects that provide enormous returns to our investors. That’s why we meticulously analyze and plan every deal to the smallest detail, to make sure we are continuing to deliver value at every step of the process.